Cold Storage Warehouse Labels

ID Label has a range of labeling solutions for all cold storage warehouses, from convenient magnet-backed options to high-performing rack labels with permanent, all-temp adhesives.

For example, our new Arctic Xtreme™ cold storage labels perform extremely well in cold, wet and subzero conditions. And they can be installed in temperatures as low as -20F, so you won’t disrupt your operations applying them.

Arctic Xtreme™ cold storage labels feature an advanced permanent freezer-grade adhesive, so once applied they stay put. And they’re custom manufactured with a durable laminate coating to withstand daily warehouse bumps and knocks.

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Cold Storage Warehouse Solutions

Finding effective labeling solutions for cold storage facilities can be a real challenge. ID Label has you covered with a range of extremely durable options.

  • Magnet-backed rack and totem labels. Easy to install, repositionable cold storage solutions.
  • Poly rack labels with all-temp, freezer-grade adhesives. Application as low as -20F. Service temperature from -65F to +300F. Resistant to abrasions, moisture and frost build-up.
  • LPN labels with permanent freezer-grade adhesives to -65F
  • All available in custom sizes, designs and colors

At ID Label, we use the best combination of materials to produce premium-quality barcode labels engineered for your specific application.

There are numerous environmental factors that affect the performance of labeling solutions for warehouse freezer locations, from the installation conditions and service temperature to the adhesives and materials used to manufacture the barcode labels. ID Label’s solutions specialists will help you assess whether magnetic labels or freezer-grade poly labels are appropriate for your cold storage warehouse operations. Through our 20-step quality inspection process, barcodes are verified to ensure 100 percent scanning accuracy.




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