Beam Renew™ Easy-Release Label Holder and Cover-Up

Beam Renew is ID Label Inc.’s popular warehouse rack cover-up solution. Its durable construction and advanced adhesives allow for seamless application over old warehouse beams and barcode labels without the time and expense of cleaning, scraping or painting.

Beam Renew also features an easy-release top coating that makes it a breeze to apply, remove and relabel beams to accommodate shifts in product inventory, pick-location changes and seasonality.

Beam Renew Key Features

  • Durable Construction– Features an opaque, metallic backing to avoid show-through and potential scan errors
  • No Scraping– Boost worker productivity; avoid scraping old labels and chemical treatments prior to relabeling
  • Refresh Beams– Keep beams looking clean and new
  • Multicolor Options– Available in multiple colors to match or contrast your beams


Product Category

Rack and Bin Location Labels, Removable Labels


Cover-Up Label, Warehouse Labels