Beam Renew™ – Warehouse Relabeling Solution

Beam Renew™ is ID Label Inc.’s innovative solution for easily relabeling your warehouse racks. It applies directly over old or damaged labels without the time and expense of scraping, cleaning or painting. A metalized backing and advanced adhesive eliminates show-through and ensures accurate scans every time.

Beam Renew™ also features a laminated surface, so it’s always easy to relabel warehouse beams to accommodate shifts in product inventory, warehouse slotting changes or rack reconfigurations.

Eco Beam Renew™, our new linerless version, eliminates excess environmental waste, is faster and easier to apply, and reduces potential for slip-and-fall injuries from discarded liners laying on warehouse floors.

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Eco Beam Renew Key Features

  • Easy Application—Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged warehouse rack labels. No labor-intensive scraping necessary.
  • Eco-Friendly Labels—Our new linerless version eliminates excess environmental waste and supports your organization’s green initiatives (green warehouse).
  • Durable Construction—Features an opaque, metallic backing to avoid show-through and potential label scan errors.
  • Fast and Efficient—With built-in perforations and no liner waste to clean up, Eco Beam Renew™ is a breeze to apply, which means workers can quickly relabel rack locations.
  • Easy-Release Surface—ID Label’s specialized top coating makes it easy to label and relabel rack locations for years to come.
  • Improved Safety—No slick, discarded liners laying on floor that might cause workers to slip or fall.
  • Multicolor Label Options—Available in multiple colors to match or contrast your beams.

What Our Customers Are Saying about Beam Renew™ Warehouse Relabeling Solutions

“Beam Renew made it easy to relabel our warehouse rack locations. Saved us a ton of time.”
– Warehouse Supervisor, Manufacturer

“ID Label custom-manufactured Beam Renew rolls to match the colors of our totem labels. They serve as a visual cue for our reach-truck operators. It makes it easier for them to confirm that they’re picking pallets from the correct bay location.”
– Dan Ferris, FST Logistics



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