Beam Renew™ – Warehouse Relabeling Solution

Beam Renew is ID Label Inc.’s innovative solution for easily relabeling your warehouse racks. It applies directly over old or damaged labels without the time and expense of scraping, cleaning or painting. A metalized backing and advanced adhesive eliminates show-through and ensures accurate scans every time.

Beam Renew also features a laminated surface, so it’s always easy to relabel your warehouse beams to accommodate shifts in product inventory, slotting changes or rack reconfigurations.

Eco Beam Renew™, our new linerless version, eliminates excess environmental waste, is faster and easier to apply, and reduces potential for slip-and-fall injuries from discarded liners laying on warehouse floors.

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Eco Beam Renew Key Features

  • Easy Application—Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged warehouse rack labels. No labor-intensive scraping necessary.
  • Eco Friendly—Our new linerless version eliminates excess environmental waste and supports your organization’s green initiatives.
  • Durable Construction—Features an opaque, metallic backing to avoid show-through and potential scan errors.
  • Fast and Efficient—With built-in perforations and no liner waste to clean up, Eco Beam Renew™ is a breeze to apply, which means workers can quickly relabel rack locations.
  • Easy-Release Surface—ID Label’s specialized top coating makes it easy to label and relabel rack locations for years to come.
  • Improved Safety—No slick, discarded liners laying on floor that might cause workers to slip or fall.
  • Multicolor Options—Available in multiple colors to match or contrast your beams.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Beam Renew™

“Beam Renew made it easy to relabel our warehouse rack locations. Saved us a ton of time.”
– Warehouse Supervisor, Manufacturer

“ID Label custom-manufactured Beam Renew rolls to match the colors of our totem labels. They serve as a visual cue for our reach-truck operators. It makes it easier for them to confirm that they’re picking pallets from the correct bay location.”
– Dan Ferris, FST Logistics



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Rack and Bin Location Labels, Removable Labels


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