Clean Release™ Repositionable Labels

No scraping. No residue. No mess. No kidding!

With Clean Release™ repositionable labels, you can easily relabel warehouse rack locations and containers with new barcode data as your product inventory and information changes or when reconfiguring locations. You’ll eliminate countless unproductive worker hours otherwise spent scraping off old labeling and repeatedly cleaning and treating your racks, beams, totes and shelves.

Clean Release™ was designed with today’s smart warehouse in mind, where speed, efficiency and inventory location flexibility are top priorities. These removable labels are repositionable, yet remain securely in place for years!

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Clean Release™ Repositionable Labels Key Features

  • Removable, Repositionable Labels– Advanced label adhesive allows users to easily remove barcode labels on warehouse beams, shelves, bins and totes – even after years of use
  • No Scraping– Eliminate countless unproductive worker hours otherwise spent scraping and cleaning racks and shelves to accommodate relabeling
  • Durable Labels– Laminated coating adds long-lasting durability, ideal for rack locations and reusable totes
  • Multicolor Labels– With ID Label’s advanced digital UV inkjet presses, custom labels can be produced in a multitude of colors, images and sizes

What Our Customers Are Saying about Clean Release™ Repositionable Labels

“ID Label did a site visit and showed us their repositionable label, Clean Release. We immediately knew it was the perfect solution for our flexibility needs. Now we can easily adjust and move our location labels to match our slotting strategy.”

– Beth Reed, School Health Corp.



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Rack and Bin Location Labels


Removable Labels, Repositionable Labels, Reusable Labels