PCB, Cleanroom and Electronic Labels

ID Label Inc.’s preprinted and blank polyimide (Kapton) labels are WEEE and RoHS compliant. These durable labels can withstand sustained temperatures up to 750°F and flash temperatures up to 1000°F. They can also withstand harsh thermal and chemical exposures and still provide reliable read rates.

Since electronics manufacturers use both lead and lead-free processes, a colored polyimide label option is the perfect solution for identifying and differentiating between the two processes. Whether you run standard or lead-free solder processes, our printed circuit board labels won’t fade, brown or yellow, and they read consistently even after two-pass high-temperature oven exposure.

Our unique label construction is designed to resist surface-mount board processes on the top, side or bottom of the board. Labels are backed with high temperature-resistant adhesives that perform well under harsh conditions.

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PCB Label Applications

  • Circuit board labels and component labels
  • RoHS-compliant materials
  • Cable wrap labels with lamination that protects the print image
  • Durable materials that withstand exposure to moisture, heat and solvents
  • Label sizes as small as .25” x .25” to fit in tight spaces
  • All major linear and 2D barcode symbologies

We also offer blank label stocks and compatible thermal-transfer ribbons for printing-on-demand, constructed from the same material combinations designed to withstand rugged environments and heat-resistant temperature ranges.

Cleanroom Labels

ID Label adheres to industry Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure our products are consistently produced and controlled according to industry quality standards. This allows us to offer permanent and removable cleanroom labels and tags of the highest quality—custom-engineered for durability to match your environment.

  • Electrostatic ionization to neutralize the triboelectric surface charges
  • High-pressure air knife and precision surface cleaning of materials
  • Direct thermal materials to eliminate the potential contamination of a ribbon
  • Custom-tinted liners for easy identification
  • Custom coatings for patterned, tabbed or piggyback constructions
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Specialty Labels


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