Preprinted Pallet/LPN Labels

Printing your own barcode pallet labels with on-site equipment can be inefficient and costly. Reduce your expenses and improve staff productivity with high-quality preprinted LPN (license plate number) labels from the nation’s premier manufacturer.

ID Label Inc.’s sequentially numbered LPNs are a perfect solution for tracking your moveable units, whether used for pallet ID, case ID, carton ID or other shippable unit identification tracking.

Benefits of Preprinted
Pallet/LPN Labels

  • Lower your overall pallet labeling costs vs. in-house printing
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses and hassles (equipment, maintenance, ribbons, materials)
  • Improve scan accuracy and prevent errors due to missing or duplicate numbers
  • Increase staff productivity and uptime
  • Ensure never running out of labels with our “Make-and-Hold” inventory program
  • Try our innovative wrap-around pallet labels – easy to see, access and scan

At ID Label, we use the best combination of materials to produce premium-quality barcode labels engineered for your specific application.

Through our 20-step quality inspection process, barcodes are verified to ensure 100 percent scanning accuracy.

Rely on our highly skilled staff to eliminate the expense associated with equipment, labor and media inventory. With our proprietary sequence-tracking software, we can even manage your unique number sequences at no additional cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying About LPN Labels

“We’ve cut our LPN costs in half, and that’s just on materials alone. ID Label has been a great partner for us. We get great service, quality labels and they’re very responsive.”

– Curtis Walker, Technical Analyst, Albertsons Companies



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