Library Labels and Patron Cards

For more than 25 years, ID Label Inc. has been the vendor of choice for libraries and consortia across the country. We offer the best quality printing and value for any library labeling system, no matter how small or large.

Our library labels and patron ID cards are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. This means they won’t yellow or fade over time. Our labels are manufactured with a durable laminated coating, so they’ll last long without easily becoming damaged or torn.

With ID Label’s extensive experience, manufacturing expertise and customer commitment, you’re getting the highest quality library labels and patron cards. All backed with quick ship times and the most professional customer service in the industry.

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We Store Your Library Barcode Label Numbers for Easy Reordering

Our labels will work with any library automation system. Our custom library database system maintains a record of every sequence of numbers printed from every library barcode label order we have produced. We can customize your library labels using any symbology and finish on rolls or sheets.

At ID Label, we use the best combination of materials to produce premium-quality barcode labels engineered for your specific application.

ID Label offers premium quality and workmanship at low manufacturer-direct pricing for library labels and patron cards. Through our 20-step quality inspection process, barcodes are verified to ensure 100 percent scanning accuracy.

We have staff dedicated to the library market and we’re proud to work with hundreds of libraries and library systems across the U.S.


Library Labels, Patron Cards


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