Relabeling Warehouse Racks with Eco Beam Renew™

Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged warehouse labels, so relabeling rack locations is quick and easy. There’s no need for warehouse workers to spend hours scraping old labels or chemically treating beams prior to relabeling.

In addition, Eco Beam Renew is manufactured without a liner backing. This eliminates excess environmental waste and makes it fast and easy to install.

It also features an easy-release surface that makes it a breeze to apply, remove and relabel warehouse beams. ID Label designed Eco Beam Renew with today’s smart warehouse in mind where speed, efficiency and inventory location flexibility are top priorities

Applying warehouse rack label cover up solution
Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged rack labels without any scraping required.

ID Label Inc. Logo“Apply Eco Beam Renew directly over your old or damaged labels. Then simply add your new barcode location labels, which can easily be removed whenever your product inventory and information changes, or when re-slotting or reconfiguring locations.”

– Malcolm Aitken, ID Label Inc.

Apply Over Old or Damaged Warehouse Labels

“Simply apply your barcode location labels to the Beam Renew base and easily remove them when your product inventory and information changes, or when re-slotting or reconfiguring locations,” said Malcolm Aitken, ID Label’s vice president of sales. “There’s no need to scrape away previously used labels or struggle with harsh cleaning solutions to tediously remove partial labels or adhesive residue.”

Key Features

  • Easy Application—Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged warehouse rack labels. No labor-intensive scraping necessary.
  • Eco Friendly—Our new linerless version eliminates excess environmental waste and supports your organization’s green initiatives.
  • Durable Construction—Features an opaque, metallic backing to avoid show-through and potential scan errors.
  • Fast and Efficient—With built-in perforations and no liner waste to clean up, Eco Beam Renew™ is a breeze to apply, which means workers can quickly relabel rack locations.
  • Easy-Release Surface—ID Label’s specialized top coating makes it easy to label and relabel rack locations for years to come.
  • Improved Safety—No slick, discarded liners laying on floor that might cause workers to slip or fall.
  • Multicolor Options—Available in multiple colors to match or contrast your beams.
Covering old warehouse label with Beam Renew
beam renew warehouse label cover up

Product Options

Eco Beam Renew is available in continuous rolls or with easy-tear perforations. It can be manufactured in standard or custom colors to match or contrast a facility’s current warehouse racking, which makes it an excellent solution to refresh old beams without the time and expense of repainting.

“We have a similar product, Tote Renew, that’s great for totes and containers,” Aitken added.

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The ID Label Advantage

ID Label manufactures extremely durable warehouse rack and bin location labels. Our materials have been tested and used in warehouse operations around the globe.

We also provide warehouse signage and turnkey nationwide installation services to provide a complete solution to our many clients who rely on us for all their warehousing needs.

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