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How to Install 550,000 Warehouse Rack Labels and Signs—and Make It Look Easy!

ID Label recently completed a large label and sign installation project at a new distribution center in the Midwest. Our professional installation crew installed more than 500,000 warehouse labels and 50,000 signs.

Needless to say, a project of this magnitude requires a great deal of advance planning and coordination. Luckily, we’ve done this hundreds of times before!

Newly labeled warehouse racking

For this recent project, the warehouse labels and signs were manufactured and assembled at our Lake Villa, Ill., facility and the team completed the on-site installation with a week to spare!

ID Label Inc. LogoFor every warehouse installation project, we provide complete planning and project management services. This includes material and layout recommendations and data file review.

Industry’s Most Experienced Installation Crews

ID Label installs millions of labels and signs annually—using our own team of ID Label employees (not temp workers) to ensure the job is done right. Our nationwide installation crews have many years of experience in every kind of warehouse racking environment—new and live facilities, ambient temps, cold storage, freezer locations . . . you name it.

Installing overhead bulk storage warehouse signs, aisle markers, dock signs and hanging zone markers—to name a few—requires its own level of expertise, knowledge and specialized equipment. As I’ve learned, you shouldn’t assume your in-house crew of warehouse specialists can tackle this challenge in their “spare time.”

warehouse sign installation
installing warehouse labels on scissor lift
warehouse label installation

Avoid the Pitfalls of DIY Installations

Do-it-yourself installation projects rarely go smoothly and almost always cost more than you anticipate. Common pitfalls we’ve seen:

  • Project-length overruns. DIY installations typically take 50% longer to complete compared to ID Label’s professional crews.
  • Labor challenges. Be prepared for the lost productivity from using internal warehouse workers—or the challenges of finding last-minute replacements for part-time or temp contractors who don’t show up.
  • Costly mistakes. Installing labels out of sequence has enormous consequences. It not only requires expensive label re-runs, but also the additional time and labor to remove the out-of-sequence labels and install the new ones.
  • Shoddy results. Inexperienced DIY workers don’t know how to properly treat warehouse racks or how to effectively install labels so they adhere. All too often, this leads to labels that curl and fall to the ground.
Worried warehouse manager

A large manufacturer recently learned these lessons the hard way. Thinking they could save a little, their DIY installation actually took four times longer and cost twice as much as the ID Label proposal. Because the project ran over so long, the cost to rent scissor lifts alone exceeded our entire project quote! I’m happy to say we’ve since successfully completed three installation projects for them—all without a hitch.

ID Label Turnkey Project Management

For every installation project, ID Label provides complete planning and project management services. This includes material and layout recommendations and data file creation and management.

Here’s a great video case study of an installation we did for Lennox.

Stay Organized with Floor Striping

ID Label also offers complete floor striping services to properly and professionally designate your bulk storage areas, as well as forklift and pedestrian traffic areas.

Warehouse floor striping images

ID Label Inc. Logo“As a warehouse designer and implementer, I’ve used ID Label for several installations and they have always impressed. Their suggestions on best practices and experience with other installs definitely expedited the process, which helped against our tight timelines. Highly recommended!”

– Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Download: “Checklist for Your Next Warehouse Label Installation Project”
warehouse label installation checklist

Download our free warehouse label installation checklist to fully prepare for your next project.

ID Label Inc. Logo

Learn More About ID Label’s Installation Services

Interested in learning more about our turnkey installation services? Contact us today. We’d love to discuss your next project with you.

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