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How Labeling Solutions Can Optimize Mega Warehouse Operations

Mega Warehouses, Mega Challenges

The recent warehouse construction boom has included a surge in the development of facilities some are labeling “mega warehouses.” Built to include one million square feet or more, these massive facilities operate at a much larger scale than standard warehouses. Oftentimes, mega warehouse operations handle as many products and services as two or three standard warehouses.

With so many products and services in one place, mega facilities face a wider variety of warehouse labeling challenges. But these labeling logistics are sometimes overlooked until just before a facility is about to open.

ID Label Inc. Logo“It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to be labeling. This is a very large project for warehouse operators to take on themselves. We’re here to get in front of these problems and educate customers about the importance of addressing them ahead of time.” 

– Russ Coppola, ID Label

New warehouse rack tunnel with barcode labels

Unique Racking and Labeling Needs

“It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to be labeling,” said Russ Coppola, business development manager at ID Label. “This is a very large project for warehouse operators to take on themselves. We’re here to get in front of these problems and educate customers about the importance of addressing them ahead of time.”

One of the biggest challenges a mega warehouse faces is managing and navigating crowded racks and tight aisles. Because these facilities offer more products and services, they tend to have high-density racking setups with narrow aisles. While typical warehouses reach four to six levels, a mega warehouse can reach 15 to 25 levels of racking and go two to three pallets deep.

“These unique racking situations require unique solutions,” Coppola said. “ID Label can evaluate every process within every section of your warehouse to develop a tailor-made solution for your warehouse operational needs.”

Workforce Navigation Tools

Another challenge for mega warehouse operators is organizing a massive workforce. Larger facilities require larger workforces, which can result in more instances of staff turnover. A higher frequency of new hires introduces a greater chance for user error.

Mega warehouses need user-friendly labeling systems that are easy to use for all employees, regardless of their experience level and tenure. And with so many moving parts, mega warehouses also must implement clearly defined strategies for worker and vehicle flow.

ID Label offers custom-engineered labeling designed to work seamlessly with your warehouse management software.  From LPNs to rack locations and totes, these products often feature color-coded labels and human-readable letters and numbers. This makes scanning easy and efficient for workers and helps mitigate the risks of user error.

“Navigating these mega warehouses is another important consideration,” Coppola said. “It’s critical that traffic and pedestrian lanes and bulk storage areas are properly marked to help vehicles and workers move through the facility efficiently. ID Label offers professional floor striping services to accommodate this important step.”

Warehouse barcode rack label
Warehouse floor striping images
vertical 2D warehouse rack label
removable warehouse label

ID Label Can Design and Install Your Ideal Solution

At ID Label, we understand that every warehouse operation is different. That’s why we work with you to identify needs across your facility to create a customized solution. This can even include on-site installation of your barcode labels and signs. In fact, ID Label is the nation’s most experienced provider of warehouse installation services.

BullsEye™ Ultra-Durable Labels

Two products in particular can help mega warehouses get ahead of potential future labeling challenges. Our BullsEye™ ultra-durable labels are made for use on warehouse beams, shelves, vertical upright racking and floor locations. BullsEye™ warehouse labels are rigid enough to withstand daily encounters with forklift trucks, pallet skids, carts and just about anything else thrown at them. BullsEye™ labels deliver durability where it’s needed most.

Clean Release™ Repositionable Labels

For warehouse facilities seeking enhanced flexibility, our Clean Release™ repositionable labels are an excellent option. Clean Release™ repositionable labels make it easy to relabel warehouse rack locations and containers with new barcode data as inventory and information changes. They eliminate countless unproductive worker hours that are spent scraping off old labeling and cleaning and treating racks, totes and shelves. Clean Release™ labels are designed with today’s smart warehouse in mind.

If your future considerations include a new greenfield mega warehouse, consult with ID Label for all your barcode labeling requirements.

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The ID Label Advantage

ID Label designs and manufactures extremely durable warehouse labels. Our products have been tested and used in warehouse operations around the globe.

We also provide warehouse signage and turnkey nationwide installation services to provide a complete solution to our many clients who rely on us for all their warehouse labeling needs.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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