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4 Proven Options for Relabeling Warehouse Racks

Is it time to replace your rack location labels?

Whether you work in a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing site or third-party logistics (3PL) facility, it’s not uncommon for warehouse racks to require relabeling from time to time. A number of events can trigger this:

  • You’re reconfiguring your rack set-up and flow to accommodate seasonal inventory changes or facility expansion
  • Your beams require a refresh after several years of wear and tear
  • Your existing barcode location labels are damaged, missing or peeling
  • You’re upgrading your warehouse management system or inventory control software
  • You’re converting some bulk storage areas to picking bays
  • New tenants are moving into a section of your 3PL facility
Warehouse label damaged by forklift
There are several options to consider when replacing damaged or old warehouse rack labels.

John Roggeveen, ID Label“Label durability is probably the most important requirement our customers have. It’s imperative that barcode location labels scan accurately each and every time. Errors can lead to manufacturing issues, shipping mistakes, product returns and other costly missteps.”

– John Roggeveen, ID Label

What Are Your Best Warehouse Rack Relabeling Options?

We asked ID Label senior business development manager John Roggeveen to provide his expertise and perspective on relabeling options.

“Regardless of the reason, if you’re thinking of relabeling your warehouse racks, there are several potential solutions we typically recommend you consider,” Roggeveen said. “Based on our experience with thousands of warehousing clients, the best option really depends on your specific needs and environment.”

warehouse label cover up scratched label
Eco Beam Renew™ applies directly over old or damaged rack labels without any scraping required.

1. Beam Cover-Up Label with Easy-Release Surface

Are your beams scratched, rusted or dingy? Are your existing barcode labels damaged, missing or peeling? Would you like to avoid the laborious task of scraping off old barcode labels before relabeling?

If any of these apply, then a base cover-up strip with an easy-release top lamination may be an ideal solution.

“Our Eco Beam Renew™ product features a durable construction and advanced adhesive that makes it easy to apply directly over old warehouse beams and barcode labels without the time and expense of cleaning, scraping or painting,” Roggeveen said. “We typically manufacture it in a color to match your existing racking, so it really makes your beams look like they’ve been newly restored.”

Eco Beam Renew also features an easy-release top coating that makes it a breeze to apply and remove individual barcode location labels to accommodate frequent product inventory and information changes for years to come.

2. Magnetic Warehouse Location Labels

Labels adhered to magnets are another viable option to consider, whether for rack beams or vertical uprights.

“Magnetic location labels are a popular choice,” Roggeveen said, “especially for warehouse facilities that reconfigure their rack locations or inventory with regularity. They’re also a good choice for cold-storage environments.”

Magnetic labels are easy to move, don’t require scraping, don’t leave behind adhesive residue and they keep your warehouse racks looking neat, orderly and clean. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and sizes for use on horizontal beams or as vertical totem labels.

On the other hand, magnetic labels can occasionally be knocked askew or to the ground – or can even accidentally adhere to metal lift trucks – during the picking and placement of pallets and cases.

“Magnetic labels are typically more expensive to manufacture than other barcode labeling options,” Roggeveen noted, “but they have a long useful life that offers a good return on investment.”

magnetic warehouse rack location labels

Magnetic warehouse rack labels are popular because they are easy to place and move, and they offer a good long-term return on investment.

3. Removable Warehouse Labels

If your beams are in good shape, consider using a preprinted, removable barcode label. Like the other options above, a removable label makes it easy to relabel rack locations. They are simple to install and offer location flexibility, without any need for scraping or cleaning to remove them.

“Our Clean Release™ removable label features an advanced adhesive that adheres tightly to virtually any surface, but is easily removable without a hint of adhesive residue left behind,” Roggeveen said. “It was designed with today’s modern warehouse in mind, where speed, efficiency and inventory location flexibility are top priorities.”

As with other label options, Clean Release labels can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and materials with multicolor designs.

bullseye ultra-durable warehouse label
BullsEye™ ultra-durable warehouse labels are tough enough for your toughest environment.

4. Laminated Barcode Labels with Extreme Durability

Are your current rack labels easily damaged by daily encounters with lift trucks and warehouse traffic? Will your labels be exposed to direct sunlight or heat, or come in contact with harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals? Perhaps you’d simply like to move from low-quality, print-your-own labels to a longer-lasting, more durable solution.

“Label durability is probably the most important requirement our customers have,” Roggeveen said. “It’s imperative that barcode location labels scan accurately each and every time. Errors can lead to manufacturing issues, shipping mistakes, product returns and other costly missteps.”

There are a number of factors in the label-manufacturing process that affect quality and durability, from the base stock to the top coating to the printing technology used.

“If you’re relabeling your facility, one of our best solutions for quality and durability is our BullsEye™ label,” Roggeveen said. “They are custom-engineered with UV-resistant inks and a specialized laminate coating for extreme durability and longevity, while providing accurate scans 100% of the time. Aggressive adhesives allow these rigid labels to be applied directly to surfaces without requiring a placard or label holder, so they are easy and cost-effective to install.”

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Consult with ID Label to Understand Your Options

“When it comes to barcode labeling, there is no one-size-fits-all answer,” Roggeveen concluded. “That’s why we’re passionate about helping our clients find solutions that match their objectives and specific operational environment.”

ID Label’s barcoding solutions have been tested and used in operations around the globe for more than 20 years – extensive experience and knowledge we can bring to your specific requirements.

The ID Label Advantage

ID Label manufactures extremely durable warehouse rack and bin location labels. Our materials have been tested and used in warehouse operations around the globe.

We also provide warehouse signage and turnkey nationwide installation services to provide a complete solution to our many clients who rely on us for all their warehousing needs.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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