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Outdoor Xtreme asset labels 2 images plus logo

Outdoor Xtreme™ Barcode Labels and Asset Tags

ID Label has introduced Outdoor Xtreme™, its newest line of barcode labels and asset tags, designed specifically for outdoor applications.

These durable, all-weather labels are engineered for years of long-lasting performance, able to withstand everything from intense heat and ultraviolet sun rays to rain, hail and subzero temperatures. They also have excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasions.

warehouse reusable tote labels

ID Label Introduces New Eco-Friendly Tote Labeling System

ID Label Inc. has introduced Eco Tote Renew™, a new eco-friendly, linerless version of its popular tote labeling solution.

Eco Tote Renew is a durable label holder that applies permanently to reusable warehouse containers. Its coated surface makes it easy to apply and remove barcode tracking labels. There’s no need for scraping off old labels or dealing with the error-prone mess of multiple labels stacked on each other.

Warehouse freezer label

ID Label Introduces Arctic Xtreme™ Cold Storage Label

ID Label Inc. has introduced Arctic Xtreme™, a new high-performance warehouse rack label for cold storage environments.

Arctic Xtreme™ labels perform extremely well in cold, wet and subzero conditions. They feature an advanced freezer-grade adhesive specially formulated for cold storage environments.

They can be applied in temperatures as low as -20F, with a service temperature rating of -65F.

Multiple images of warehouse rack relabeling solution

ID Label Introduces Eco Beam Renew™ - New Linerless Warehouse Rack Relabeling Solution

ID Label Inc. has introduced Eco Beam Renew™, a new linerless version of its popular warehouse rack cover-up solution.

Eco Beam Renew applies directly over old or damaged warehouse labels, so relabeling rack locations is quick and easy. There’s no need for warehouse workers to spend hours scraping old labels or chemically treating beams prior to relabeling.

In addition, Eco Beam Renew is manufactured without a liner backing to eliminate excess environmental waste.

ID Label Celebrates 25 Years

ID Label Inc. is celebrating 25 years in business. Since its founding in 1994, the company has grown from a one-person start-up operation to become the industry’s leading manufacturer and installer of barcode labels and signs.

Household names like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Starbucks are among thousands of global companies that ID Label works with today.

“In 1994 I couldn’t imagine we’d be as big as we are today,” said Neil Johnston, ID Label’s founder, CEO and president. “Did I hope for it? Yes. But in all honesty, I didn’t know if I had it in me to run a multimillion-dollar company with several locations across the country.”

ID Label to Demonstrate Advanced Warehouse Labeling Solutions at 2019 ProMat Show

Visit ID Label Inc. at the 2019 ProMat show in Chicago, April 8-11,  at booth 4144.

The company will feature a full line of its solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, including innovative new rack labels, tote and pallet labels, and installation services.

“We’ll have installation specialists on site who can discuss any upcoming construction or reconfiguration projects you might have planned and walk you through our turnkey planning and management processes,” said Malcolm Aitken, VP of sales for ID Label.

Visitors to ID Label’s booth can obtain full information kits for each labeling product line, along with samples for testing at their local facilities.

ID Label Inc. Logo

ID Label Launches New Website and Brand Image

ID Label Inc., the industry’s premier provider of custom barcoding solutions, has launched a new website and rebranded with a new logo.

The new logo mark is a nod to a colorful two-dimensional barcode image. Upon closer inspection, it’s apparent that the mark is composed of ID Label’s initials. The composition of each “I-D-L” represents the company’s interconnected link to its employees, customers and channel partners, and its passionate commitment to product innovation and excellence.

Fuel pellets from production waste

ID Label Converts Waste Into Energy

By its very nature, the label manufacturing process can produce a fair amount of waste, from set-up material and edge trim to matrix and container waste. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that 85 percent of label industry-specific waste is sent to landfills each year.

“We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously,” said Neil Johnston, ID Label’s president and CEO. “I’m proud to say that we’re committed to sending less than one percent of our waste to landfills.”

Clean Release removable warehouse label

ID Label Introduces Three New Labeling Solutions that Support Flexible Warehouse Inventory Tracking and Management

Building on its long history of product innovation, ID Label Inc. introduced three new barcode labeling solutions that allow for the easy removal and repositioning of labels on racks, shelves and totes to help warehouse executives efficiently manage and track products.

“Our new solutions support the need for inventory location flexibility, speed and efficiency, which are essential for today’s modern warehouses and distribution centers,” said Gregg Schiltz, ID Label’s general manager. “They also virtually eliminate untold worker hours that might otherwise be spent scraping and removing old labels from warehouse racks, shelves and totes.”

Malcolm Aitken, ID Label

ID Label Hires Malcolm Aitken as Vice President of Sales

To support its continued growth, ID Label has hired Malcolm Aitken, an experienced veteran who will lead the company’s national sales team. Aitken has more than 25 years of expertise in business-to-business sales, most recently serving as vice president of sales for Serigraph, a custom graphics company targeting manufacturers of industrial and consumer products. His background also includes deep experience in materials handling and industrial equipment sales.

“We’re thrilled to have Malcolm join ID Label,” said Neil Johnston, ID Label’s CEO and president. “We achieved record revenue in 2017. Malcolm brings us a wealth of sales leadership skills that will help us continue that trajectory in 2018 and beyond.”

Digital inkjet multicolor label samples

ID Label Invests in Cutting-Edge Digital UV Inkjet Presses from mprint

ID Label Inc. has added two high-speed digital UV inkjet presses to its advanced digital printing technology footprint. Manufactured by mprint in Germany, the new presses keep ID Label at the forefront of digital label manufacturing and design, and greatly expand the multicolor capabilities it can offer its customers.

ID Label is the first manufacturer in the USA to acquire the new mprint presses.