Easily Relabel Your Warehouse Racks

No Scraping. No Cleaning. No Hassle. No Kidding!
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  • Durable construction features opaque metalized adhesive backside for 100% cover-up
  • Easily applies over dingy warehouse beams or damaged barcode labels to keep beams looking clean and new
  • Available as individual barcode labels or beam base strip with quick-release top coating that lets you quickly apply and remove rack location labels as inventory or pick locations change
  • Available in multiple colors to match or contrast your beams

Beam Renew lets you easily cover old or damaged barcode labels without the time and expense of scraping, cleaning or painting.

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beam renew warehouse label cover up
beam renew warehouse label cover up

When We Do the Barcodes, You Can Do More!

Since 1994, ID Label has been the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, extremely durable warehouse labels and signs for thousands of leading organizations, including: